Celebrating 5 Years of Hotel Walloon

May 15th, 2020

Hotel Walloon celebrated the Grand Opening in 2015. This was the first time a Hotel had opened their doors in the Walloon Lake Village in 90 years and memorable moment for those who had the pleasure of experiencing Walloon Lake during their childhood.

Emily Emmott, General Manager of Hotel Walloon, joined the team before our doors were open in 2015.  She started as the Operations Manager of Hotel Walloon and joined the team after 12 years of service at the Great Wolf Lodge. Hotel Walloon has grown as a premier lodging destination in Northern Michigan and Emily proved her dedication and strong leadership earning her the title of General Manager in February 2020.

“We have wonderful ownership that allows us to be able to treat our guests like royalty. We think of all the details from guest bedding preferences down to their favorite in-room beverages. Our dedicated team has never wavered from our core values, company culture and lateral service. We continue to learn what great guest service means and not only meet guest expectations but exceed them. That is what sets Hotel Walloon apart from other Hotels and is why we have been able to achieve the AAA Four Diamond Award 5 years in a row. I am proud of all the exceptional team members that have helped bring the original vision of Hotel Walloon to life.”– Emily Emmott, General Manager of Hotel Walloon

As we celebrate, we honor the team members who have been with Hotel Walloon since the beginning and sincerely thank all who have given their support for the last 5 years.

Amanda Brewer, Hotel Walloon Reservationist, was one of the first employees of Hotel Walloon and has been a great asset to Hotel Walloon these last 5 years. She started at the Front Desk and due to her hard work ethic and passion for the Hotel and its guests, she has worked her way into being Hotel Walloon’s Reservationist. Amanda has become a key employee at Hotel Walloon, ensuring great training for new hires and assisting with daily operations, enhancing our guests experience whenever she can.

Dan Crampton, Night Audit, started with Hotel Walloon just before the opening back in 2015. He has been a mainstay as our Full Time Night Auditor, making sure the hotel and guests are safe and have what they need. He is essential to training our new Night Audit staff members, helping them to live up to our Core Values and service. His reliability and trustworthiness has solidified Dan as Hotel Walloon’s go-to employee for the overnight hours of operation.

Susan Smith, Housekeeping, has been with Hotel Walloon for the past 5 years and her dedication to the Hotel and our guests shows in her daily work. She takes pride in her work, always making sure to exceed our guest expectations. Susan is one of our main Housekeeping trainers, ensuring our new hires understand the importance of why we do what we do. Susan is always quick to engage with our guests when she gets the chance, making our guests her number one priority.

Brenda Nise, Housekeeping, has been with Hotel Walloon for 5 years and has grown to be one of Hotel Walloon’s valued employees. Her eye for detail is one of the things that makes her a valuable asset to the Hotel. Brenda’s smile and warm personality makes her a favorite among the staff and guests.

Julie Wandrie, Housekeeping, has been with Hotel Walloon for 5 years and has a strong work ethic that helps make Hotel Walloon what it is today. Julie grew quickly in her role as a Housekeeper, ensuring quality in her work and always making sure to take great care of our guests. She also is one of our main Housekeeping trainers, passing along wisdom to those starting out, ensuring they understand Hotel Walloon’s Core Values and Mission. Hotel Walloon and our outstanding housekeeping team were named AAA Best of Housekeeping 2020!

We are proud of our accomplishments over the last 5 years and excited for the future of Hotel Walloon. The team is constantly looking for ways to wow our guests in new and exciting ways, all while offering the privacy and luxury experience our guests have learned to desire.  Hotel Walloon is looking forward to many more years of unparalleled service and striving to be the premier lodging destination in Northern Michigan.

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