The Torrents of Spring

January 25th, 2018

The Torrents of Spring

by Chris Struble, President of The Michigan Hemingway Society

Originally a story by Ivan Turgenev, Ernest Hemingway, while living in Paris in 1925, decided to “borrow” the title “The Torrents of Spring” from the great Russian author for one of his own novels.  Although originally written as a parody of then friend Sherwood Anderson’s, “Winesburg Ohio”, in order to get out of a contract with his publisher at the time, Hemingway peripherally, also managed to capture perfectly the feelings, quite often those of excitement, one experiences in Northern Michigan as harsh winter slowly winds down and the first subtle signs begin to announce that spring may actually be on its way.

With several weeks still remaining before Ernest would trade in his text books and dress wear in Oak Park Illinois for fishing poles and bare feet at the family summer cottage on Lake Walloon, “Spring fever”, as it is commonly known, for young Hemingway would have been especially strong in April, for April marks the beginning of Trout season -surely one of the most important dates on the avid outdoorsman’s calendar.  So important was this date that in 1919, when offered a cushy paid position in Toronto caring for the home of the affluent Connable family, Hemingway’s only condition of acceptance was that he be able to return to Michigan for the first day of the season opener.

True to his passion, Ernest was back fishing the streams and rivers that spring of 1920, leaving behind a subsequent job as a reporter for the Toronto Star. Prior to departing, he was able however, to secure a freelance position with the publication writing about what else?… trout fishing of course!

From his earliest and most critically acclaimed works including “The Big Two Hearted River” a story about the cathartic and healing powers rivers and streams possess, to “The Last Good Country,” perhaps the last story he was working on at the time of his death, Hemingway’s love of fishing and northern Michigan provided a lifelong source of inspiration, both in his personal life and literature.

The Hotel Walloon cordially invites you to attend their third annual “The Last Good Country: Walloon Lake, an Ernest Hemingway Occasion” event on April 27th through April 29th:

Highlights include:

  • A meet-n-greet with Valerie Hemingway, Ernest’s daughter -in -law and personal assistant.
  • Fly fishing demonstrations by master river guide, Brian Kosminski.
  • Tours of Walloon Lake and Petoskey where Hemingway summered and began his career as a writer of fiction led by yours truly, Christopher Struble, President of The Michigan Hemingway Society.
  • Combined with a Hemingway inspired feast at the Walloon Lake Inn your guaranteed a unique opportunity to experience for yourself the area, activities and season that so inspired America’s most influential writer of the 20th century… Ernest Hemingway

(This special blog post on Ernest Hemingway is compliments of Chris Struble, President of The Michigan Hemingway Society, who has been an integral part of Hotel Walloon’s Hemingway Event and will be participating in the event for a third year.)


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