The Village of Walloon Lake Road and Streetscape Project Nears Completion

December 3rd, 2016

Village of Walloon Lake, MI – December 2nd, 2012 –The Village of Walloon Lake is pleased to announce the completion of a $750,000 road and streetscape project that began nearly three years ago with the redevelopment of the village along M-75.

“The project has been a collaborative effort between local businesses, the Melrose Township Downtown Development Authority, the county, The State of Michigan (MDOT), and a Federal Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) Grant,” said Lead Project Engineer Aaron Nordman of Performance Engineers, “This project is a direct result of an increased tax base from new businesses such as Hotel Walloon and The Barrel Back Restaurant in Walloon Village.”

The project was completed in two phases. The first phase, which resulted in a new asphalt road from the Post Office through Melrose Township Park, was completed just before the Fourth of July resulting in a nice, clean road for the summer. This phase of the project was paid for and managed by the Melrose Township Downtown Development Authority with a $385,000 loan from Chemical Bank. Elmer’s Crane and Dozer, a Traverse City-based company, was responsible for repaving the asphalt.

Lead by McKerchie Enterprises and managed by the Charlevoix County Road Commission, the second phase of the project will result in the beautification of the Village of Walloon Lake. This $365,000 project involving new sidewalks, crosswalks, street lighting, brick pavers, and landscape enhancements, was paid for by the Melrose Township DDA utilizing a $200,000 Federal TAP Grant.

The second phase of the project will be complete by Monday, December 5th, 2016. A celebration of the completion of the Road and Streetscape Project will commence at 10:00 AM, with a ceremonial ribbon cutting. The public is welcome to attend.


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