Walloon Lake Inn

Walloon Lake Inn is a historic fine dining establishment located just a stone’s throw away Hotel Walloon. The Inn is a unique upscale restaurant that is a popular destination for people seeking a fine dining experience in Northern Michigan. Its reputation for fantastic food, a lovely atmosphere, and first-rate service will not disappoint.

 White Wedding Chairs Setup on the Lawn of Walloon Lake InnWedding Bouquet on Shore of Walloon Lake

Walloon Lake Inn History

Over 100 years ago, on the shores of a pristine Northern Michigan lake, a quaint little country inn opened its doors to travelers who trekked for hundreds of miles to enjoy the beauty of the jewel that lay before them–Walloon Lake. Originally called Fern Cottage, the Inn was a destination for many visitors and also served as a docking point for the steamboats that would take the travelers to hotels or to their cottages on the lake. Renamed the Walloon Lake Inn in 1981, the Inn operated both as a bed and breakfast and a restaurant. Photo Credit: Kristen Finn

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