The Enneagram

There are nine personalities, which one are you?

A gifted pastor, teacher, writer and leader, AJ Sherrill has pastoral experience in diverse church settings across the nation (From LA to NYC, From Atlanta to Grand Rapids). He is the author of Expansive: Stretching Beyond Superficial Christianity, Enneagram and the Way of Jesus and Quiet: Hearing God Amidst the Noise. AJ holds two masters degrees in theology and a doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Class Description

The Enneagram is a personality theory that can also serve as a tool for self-awareness and spiritual formation. On both Friday and Saturday, AJ will teach you the basics of the Enneagram, including how to discover your type. He will then help you to understand how your personality plays a vital role in your spiritual formation and what spiritual practices pair specifically with your uniqueness to help shape you more fully into wholeness and health.

The resources acquired from this day will help you gain more awareness about yourself, the world around you, and bear fruit in almost every area of life from your home and relationships to your community and work contexts. We hope you will join us.

Website: marshill.org

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