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Spring-Fed Glacial Blue Waters

The Lake

About Walloon Lake

Walloon Lake, once known as Bear Lake, is the 26th largest lake in Michigan. Its unique shape was carved by glaciers and includes five distinct basins that empty into Lake Michigan through the Bear River. Primarily fed by groundwater, Walloon is known for its high clarity and deep waters. Its nearly thirty miles of shoreline is filled forested preserves, rolling hills, and aqua blue waters.

Walloon Lake supports an array of activities from fly-fishing and tying to boating and kayaking. Tommy’s Walloon offers year-round sport rentals for guests seeking adventure on the water.

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Boating on Walloon

A time-honored tradition, the history of boating on Walloon transports us back to a time when there were no gasoline powered boats and travelers visited by steamboat. The unique wind patterns and crystal-clear waters of the Lake create favorable conditions throughout the summer and fall.

Walloon is home to the Seventeen Sailboat, originally designed in 1934 with a 17 square meter sail, and can still be seen on the water today. Privately owned antique wooden hull boats, called ‘Woodies’, are also popular. Every August, owners display these masterpieces in the Village at the Walloon Woodies & Classic Car Show.

Walloon Woodies Our History

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Stay up to date with exclusive offers, local events, and dining specials from Walloon Lake Inn and Barrel Back Restaurant.