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Hotel Walloon

Inspired by Historic Hotels

About Hotel Walloon

Newly built in 2015 and inspired by the vintage charm of historic hotels. Hotel Walloon transports guests to a hidden oasis offering an authentic Up North experience. With 32 spacious guest rooms, private balconies, and elaborate front porches, this boutique hotel is the epitome of lake resort luxury.

As Northern Michigan’s only privately owned AAA Four Diamond Hotel, its unparalleled service and commitment to the gold standards of hospitality makes Hotel Walloon a must-visit destination for travelers.

Our Story

The Magic of Walloon

The calm, glacial blue, waters of Walloon Lake have been a tranquil escape for family, friends, and guests for more than 100 years as it evolved into a luxurious escape of breathtaking scenery and enjoyable pastimes.

The lake itself is a unique shape and features the same crystal-clear water that was inspired one of the greatest authors of all time, Ernest Hemingway. Today, as one of Michigan’s hidden treasures, Walloon Lake invites guests who aspire to escape modern-day frenzy and slip into a lake state of mind.

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About The Village

At the turn of the twentieth century, tourists from all over the Midwest flocked to Northern Michigan by train and steamer to enjoy the fresh air, fishing, and boating this summer resort destination is known for. Many visitors relied on boarding houses and hotels for lodging before rapidly building their own private homes on Walloon Lake.

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Stay up to date with exclusive offers, local events, and dining specials from Walloon Lake Inn and Barrel Back Restaurant.